A wealth of experience

New York Drilling Services has been in business for over a decade and has lead men with experience in drilling services of over 40 years. We are a well rounded company that can be trusted with both large and small jobs, performing from start to finish.

Our company offers both on and off road equipment for large and small diameter holes in both rock and soil conditions. In solid rock we drill with down-the-hole pneumatic hammers. These hammers are capable of drilling 24″ diameter holes in granite rock 10ft deep in approximately 30-40 minutes. In soil conditions we offer several drills that are capable of 10ft diameter holes. Having low clearance rigs capable of drilling in tight areas and under live transmission lines is also a great benefit to our customers. We are capable of caisson drilling for use in any type of soil conditions. We can also complete the job by pouring concrete piles.

In stock is a full line of different diameter and styles of augers, and core barrels. An inventory of rock hammers and rock bits (18″-40″) are also on hand to meet the requirements of the customer.

Mobilization to the job site is quick and at a reasonable cost. We utilize tractor trailers, dump trucks, knuckle booms, flat beds, hook trucks, as well as, our fleet of one-ton service trucks and trailers.

Some of our past works include, electrical local distribution and transmission line utility pole holes, predrilling for sheet piling, vibro hammer sheet pile installation, building foundations, soldier pile work, micropile work, caissons/drilled piers, foundations for transmission line towers, cell towers and guy anchor installation.

At New York Drilling our goal is to provide a safe, efficient and cost effective means of satisfying your drilling needs. We look forward to providing solutions for your projects, now and in the future.